12 Service Battalion Museum


12 Service Battalion Badge

By Larry Watkins

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the first chronicle in a series of narratives to be presented in the Grapevine.  This series will introduce you to historical and traditional stories extracted from military annals, journals and documents.  This and future chronicles will share little known facts relating to Service Battalions and their Canadian/British predecessors.  ENJOY.


There is no better way to start this series than to tell the story of our units Badge.

Our Badge received Royal Consent when Queen Elizabeth II placed her handwritten approved to the design.  The Director of Ceremonial at NDHQ, authorized the 12 Service Battalion Badge in June 1977.

We are proud to be one of the original three Service Battalions to receive this honour.  The other two units were another reserve unit and a regular unit.  All Regular & Reserve Service Battalions now have the honour of a distinctive unit Badge.

Little known but not forgotten is the account of how our units’ Badge was conceived; early in 1975, the Service Battalion Secretariat at Mobile Command (FMC) provided a common shell design of a badge.  This shell had a blank centre and each Service Battalion was to provide the core design.

During the Fall of 1975, then CO, LCol S Dzuba ,  held a unit contest to determine a distinctive “west-coast” design, for the core of the Badge. Numerous unit members submitted suggestions and WO Bill Summersgill, RSS of  the MP PL,  won the contest with a proposal of a swimming Orca Whale.

Our Badge drawing was submitted in early 1976 and after some changes due to heraldic laws, we received final approval.

Our Badge is Heraldic described as:

Description:     Argent, in base three bars wavy azure, in front of the whole a killer whale leaping proper.

Significance: The three bars wavy allude to an ocean area and the killer whale to British Columbia in particular where this whale is frequently seen.

Motto: Duty Above All.